Because I love food


Today, I ran into my mentor Ashley who is an RPCV (Returned Peace Corps Volunteer) ’08-’10 in Guatemala. She got me really excited — and a little bit nervous!! — for the things to come in the next 27 months. One rule she said that I must never break is that I should eat and drink everything given to me, because this shows that I’m trustworthy and that I’m integrating into the culture.

I’ve never had Guatemalan food before! My favorite food is Mexican food, so I’m hoping I get a chance to eat some Guatemalan-Mexican fusion dishes as well. Most people who ask me about what my diet will consist of in the Peace Corps assume that Mexican food and Guatemalan food are the same since they are bordering countries, even though that’s not true. Since I love to eat and cook, I decided to check out un poco de la gastronomía guatemalteca! 


Un shuco aka the Guatemalan version of a completo — Chile is always relevant in my life somehow…


Mole de Plátanos: Fried plaintains in a chocolate sauce.


Tamales de Elote: Sweet corn tamales

I’m excited to try new foods, but hoping I can also incorporate some veggies (read: kale) into my diet. I know I love to eat, but I got to watch my weight when I’m abroad. Sadly, 24 Hour Fitness is not in the pueblo. If only…

• • • •

I still can’t believe that I leave in 2 weeks. I’m starting to get the feels more and its also getting harder to say goodbye to my loved ones each day. I know this is going to be a good experience, so long as I go into it with good energy, an open heart, and an empty stomach haha!

The other volunteers I’ve been in contact with seem super chill as well as the current volunteers who have been super helpful/giving really great advice (shout out to Hestia, Miyuanna, and Meg C!)

For the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my time with my friends and family and try to not lose my mind packing!



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