¿qué estás haciendo?


Out of all the questions that I get about the Peace Corps, the one that I get asked the most is

“So, what exactly ARE you doing in the Peace Corps?”

That, my friends, is a great question to which I don’t have a 100% clear answer to. I was given my assignment, but I figured that there may be some discrepancies between what I am told I’m going to be doing and what I actually do. This will be pretty challenging for me, because I feel the most comfortable and secure with my abilities when I know exactly what is being asked of me, versus going with the flow of things. I am a work in progress and willing to trust the process. I think taking dialogue helped me with this as well as being more open to learning and being challenged by my colleagues and peers (and vice versa). Anyways, I digress…

• • • •

Officially, I am a Health Educator for a program called Healthy Homes (Maternal and Child Health).  My main duties according to my assignment PDF consist of:

  • Improving preventative health services
  • Working with the community to implement programs that help meet their health needs
  • Creating health education programs
  • Taking strides to reduce infant mortality and malnutrition in rural Guatemala
  • Educating and empowering community members to take action/promote positive health behaviors  — so UEP

I will be working in the clinic as well as doing house visits, I believe? I think the work I’ll be doing is similar to what I did at Planned Parenthood, but way more intense and more hands on.  This both frightens and excites me, because I want to go into the field of public health, particularly community health/reproductive health/ health education (not quite sure which one I love the most!).  I feel blessed to even have the opportunity to do work similar to this. Also, I’m kind of following in my mom’s footsteps and doing OB/reproductive health (love you Mommy <3)

Technically, I am not a Volunteer yet because I haven’t completed Boot Camp aka Training. Training will be three months long in country, where I get to learn more about my specific tasks, take Spanish classes, and get immersed in Guatemalan culture. I’m already getting ready to hear la morenita, brasileña, la negrita, trenzitas, etc. all day every day, haha.

Hopefully that answers some questions!



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