Bienvenidos a Miami!


So here I am, safe and sound in the comfort of a 3.5 star hotel room. I finally made it to Miami! Today was rough saying goodbye to my mom. I don’t think I’ve ever cried that hard in such a long time 😦

But as I’ve learned, there is always a rainbow after the rain storm (gotta love this metaphor, right?).

I met up with Daisy who is another volunteer and we had a mimosa in the airport.

• • •

Everyone from the porter to the bartender that I met once I came to LAX were so supportive. Even strangers just striked up conversations with me, and when I said where I was going, they said nothing but great things and that they would keep me in their prayers.

I got to the hotel and met my awesome roomie, Andi! She’s sleeping now, but we are getting along well. The other volunteers are equally awesome — from our brief encounter/dinner this evening, everyone has something alluring about them.  There is no one here that is exactly the same in any regards, and I’m excited to get to learn more about my new friends and coworkers!

Tomorrow is orientation, part I which is known as Staging. Here, we will spend 8 hours learning about Peace Corps’ expectations and the like. It’s getting late now, so I plan on going to bed and enjoying my last few hours in the US!



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